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Michaels was born in Seattle, Washington. Her first job was at a hamburger restaurant in Seattle called Dick's Drive-In. After being approached about modelling, she eventually tried it, figuring that if she didn't like it, she could stop. Her modelling eventually led to nude photo shoots and then porn. She has also filmed porn under the aliases Becky and Gianna Rossi.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gianna in a HOT Threesom

This week Ramon and me got a call from someone we hadn’t seen in a while. She told us that she had a little surprise for us and that we should head on over to her hotel room. We get there, and boy was it a great surprise. She answered the door with her tits all out in the open; she gave Ramon a big wet kiss. And then she introduced us to Britney a hot blonde who was new to the industry, this is actually the third movie she had ever done.
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Let me tell you both of these girls are hot alone, but together they’re a bombshell. Gianna Michaels, we all know has the biggest natural tits on the block and a fat ass. Britney’s hot tits were just the perfect complement to the whole fun day. Watching these two girls lick each other’s clits, and rubbing each others breast, kissing, and sucking dick together is hot!
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  1. Chris I agree it's........................hot.......?

  2. Dear sir,

    You seem to have included a picture of my house on your blog. My house can be seen out the window of the first pic, and i believe that is my daughter licking that man's penis. Please remove this pic. I hope you will read this.

    Slutzella's Father

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  6. When it comes to your post, GTL can also stand for "Great Thoughts at Length"... keep it up!

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  8. thats a small penis i got like 3 inches on his

  9. little to chubby for my taste but still hot.